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Knit Club KC

Don't talk about Knit Club

Knit Club
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Knit Club Rules

1. Don't talk about Knit Club.
2. Don't talk about Knit Club.
3. If this is your first night at Knit Club, you must knit.
4. Take your knitting everywhere.
5. Don't boink the groupies. Really, don't.

We're a group of knitters and stitchers who enjoy meeting to knit, stitch, chat, drink beverages, celebrate living and bring new stitchers into our cult of crafting. Come join us and learn something new, or, teach us something new.

We meet at the Starbucks by the KU Med Center on Wednesday nights at about 7pm or so. Well, we used to meet there...but these days you can usually find us down the street at MisKnits at 39th & Terrace.
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